A Guide to Choosing Scrubs Uniforms

The Ultimate Guide to Scrubs Uniform

Scrubs are a universal uniform for anyone working in the healthcare industry that may encounter fluids and infections and is used in a sterile (scrubbed) environment. To protect employees, scrubs were designed to be easy to wash in a high-temperature setting and easy to wear, preventing the spread of infection and reducing the risk of contamination.

Scrubs have only been popular in the UK in the last twenty years. Before that, tunics were commonly worn, traditionally by nurses. Now they are seen being worn by staff in hospitals, clinics, and spas.

Choosing Your Scrubs

When deciding what type of scrubs workwear to buy from us here at Somerset Workwear, we suggest considering the fit, style, material, and customisation options.

FIT – Medical scrubs can be stylish as well as practical for healthcare professionals. There are many options for a relaxed, loose fit or a more tailored fit for a fashionable look. It is important to choose the right fit so that you have flexibility of movement and are comfortable, otherwise, a tight fit will be too restrictive. This is especially when you need a full range of movement to help lift patients out of bed, reach for linen at a height, or when bending down. We supply men's and women's scrub sets, tops, and bottoms separately for the perfect fit.

STYLE - Many of our scrubs are functional such as our joggers which feature an ankle cuff and elasticated waistband with an adjustable drawcord for comfort. Our scrubs tops are designed with a V-neck collar so that the material does not touch your face when taking it off, preventing the spread of infection. The scrubs tops also come with or without a breast pocket for easy storage for pens, post-it notes, alcohol wipes, and many more items. Our scrubs trousers have an elasticated waistband and pockets plus one side pocket. Some of our scrubs sets consist of contrasting coloured fabrics, side vents, and panels creating more space and movement.



MATERIAL - Suitable for long shifts, our scrubs are manufactured to OKEO-TEK Standard 100 for safety and comfort. The stretchy fabric is lightweight and antiperspirant, minimising odours and making it breathable, durable, and anti-wrinkle. All our garments are machine washable at 40°C (maximum 60°C) and easy to iron. Our basic scrubs range is made from cotton and polyester, whilst our dynamic jogger scrubs collection is manufactured from a polyester, rayon, and lycra blend.

CUSTOMISATION – At Somerset Workwear, we can personalise your scrubs using our in-house embroidery service with your business name, staff name, job title, or logo design. Contact us to find out more about branding your workwear.


Who Can Wear Scrubs?

Anyone working in the healthcare sector, including doctors, nurses, vets, dentists, care workers, midwives, opticians, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. Beauticians, sports therapists and even acupuncturists can also wear scrubs for comfort and protection against spreading infection. We work with trusted and experienced manufacturers to ensure our scrubs are high-quality and long-lasting with a broad range of colours and sizes and personalisation. Orders over £75 are FREE delivery (UK mainland only). Browse our scrubs range for the latest styles.